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Rebecca Olson White has spent years earning her reputation as one of the most trusted Los Altos Hills realtors in the region. Her experience and passion for the real estate industry have helped her develop the insights sellers and buyers need to navigate their real estate transactions more effectively.


In addition to her market insights, Rebecca possesses a talent for negotiating that helps every client achieve their ideal outcome. In an industry and area that can be difficult to navigate, Rebecca leads with honesty and transparency. 


With Rebecca’s skills and services in your real estate toolkit, there isn’t a better Los Altos Hills real estate agent to meet your needs.

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Many homeowners need help to get their properties ready for the market. As an expert in handling Los Altos Hills real estate, Rebecca knows what it takes to sell homes faster and for their best value. She’ll offer suggestions for landscaping to boost your home’s curb appeal, as well as any minor repairs and updates to make your home more appealing to buyers.


When it comes time to market your home, Rebecca will offer her home staging expertise to help you take the perfect listing photos. She can also provide copy-writing services for a listing that sizzles. Additionally, you’ll get the best of Rebecca’s networking power as she boosts your listing among other Los Altos Hills realty firms as well as her social media channels.

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Common Questions about Los Altos Hills Real Estate

Los Altos Hills real estate is currently experiencing a decline as more homes enter the market, far exceeding the demands of a limited number of buyers. Rocket Homes reports that there has been a 10.5% decline in home prices when compared to the 2022 market. 


Looking closer at specific home sizes by bedroom, 3-bedroom homes have seen an increase in value of 3.6% over the past year. However, larger homes have steadily declined in their average market values. 4-bedroom home prices have dropped by 17.9% since last October. Homes with five or more bedrooms have lost 18.2% of their value within that same period.

Looking at total sales for Los Altos Hills, CA, real estate, Rocket Homes also reported that the median home sale price is currently $5,100,000. That price is $600,000 less when compared to last year’s home prices.


Since 3-bedroom homes have seen a positive appreciation rate, looking specifically at those homes tells a slightly better story. Los Altos Hills 3-bedroom homes sell for a median price of $4.5 million, while October 2022 prices leveled out at $4.3 million. 


4-bedroom homes dropped from $5.4 million to $4.5 million, and homes with five or more bedrooms dropped from $7.5 million to a median price of $6.2 million.

Homes in Los Trancos Woods are more moderately priced than homes in surrounding areas, but this neighborhood is still ideal for luxury home buyers. Since the area is in the heart of the valley, there‘s an expansive and beautiful view from every property. This is the perfect community for nature lovers. The 274-acre nature preserve that surrounds the community offers hiking trails for every skill level.


Established in 1940, Loyola Corners saw a housing boom through several decades up to 1969. Even after 1970, homes were continuously added through the 1990s. Most of the homes standing today consist of large cottages and sprawling estates. It’s rare to find homes with fewer than three bedrooms, and it’s difficult to find any rentals in this community.


Central Los Altos Hills keeps you close to the activity, but this is still an affluent community with plenty to offer. Every lot size is a minimum of one acre, and the community offers access to plenty of outdoor recreational facilities, including tennis and basketball courts, hiking, and bicycling. 


Other areas that offer enticing Los Altos Hills real estate include Country Club, Grant Park, and Hidden Valley. Explore these neighborhoods in person or ask Rebecca about them.

When it comes to buying a home for your family, the quality of the schools may determine the neighborhoods you choose. Great Schools lists four elementary schools with 8/10 ratings:


  • Covington Elementary School (K-6/370 students)
  • Bullis Charter School (K-8/1,093 students)
  • Montclaire Elementary School (K-5/410 students)
  • Oak Avenue Elementary School (K-6/295 students)


Additionally, Los Altos High School has received a 9 out of 10 rating. They have 2,209 students, and they serve grades 9 through 12.

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“Working with Rebecca was the easiest thing I’ve done this year. She crushed the negotiation for our new home. She completely understood what I was looking for and found it!”

Turn to Rebecca Olson White when you need a Los Altos Hills realtor. She’ll help guide your key decisions when it comes to buying or selling a home in the Los Altos Hills community. Schedule an appointment to discuss your real estate needs with her today.

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