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When you’re in need of help when either buying or selling a home in Palo Alto, California, you’ll want to focus your efforts on discovering the best realtors in the area in order to find someone who is deeply familiar with the regional market. 


With that said, your search will inevitably lead you to Rebecca Olson White, Palo Alto’s top real estate agent. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Rebecca has watched the local real estate market evolve through the years, bestowing her with a familiarity regarding the trends that affect home prices and the needs of home buyers in the Silicon Valley region.


Furthermore, as an outgoing and sociable agent, Rebecca is also a skilled negotiator. She brings together her passion for the industry and her strong desire to help her clients in her talks for the best possible deals. No matter the property you have your eye on, Rebecca Olson White will help you get the most out of every real estate investment.

How will Rebecca help sell your home?

For those selling their homes, hiring Rebecca Olson White as your listing agent means receiving full access to the resources you need to sell your property faster. 


From listing your home on her property website to helping you stage the best photos for your listing and even networking with other Palo Alto real estate agents to help you get more attention for your open house events, Rebecca will do all she can to help you get the word out. She offers property consultations and helps in managing your property’s landscaping and repair needs, all to help you get the best value from your home sale.

Ready to take the first step?

Common Questions about Palo Alto Real Estate

When you work with Rebecca, your choosing to hire one of the best Palo Alto real estate agents available, which is especially advantageous in the competitive current market. Every home receives an average of two offers and sells in 12 days or less. 


The reason behind the significantly fierce environment is that home prices have dropped in the last 12 months. The average home price in the area is $3,021,666 — $1,664 per square foot — which represents a 12.82% drop in prices from October 2022, according to CBS News.

As mentioned, the overall average home cost in Palo Alto is $3,021,666, but that number fluctuates based on the type and location of the home in question. For example, a smaller starter home with 804 square feet of living space recently sold for $1.8 million, as reported by Bankrate. Although their prices are far higher than those in other markets throughout the country, the lot sizes of Palo Alto homes account for up to two-thirds of their total value.

Before you consult with Rebecca, fully understanding what you want from your new home — both inside and out — is essential, and that means learning a little something about the best neighborhoods in Palo Alto.


To the southeast is Barron Park, which is more of a rural area with properties that feature larger lot sizes and homes that are set back farther from the street. Homes here are also older, though some newer, Craftsman-style homes can be equally easy to find.


If you’re looking for something that’s in more of a central location, many Palo Alto realtors suggest Duveneck/St. Francis. The area features both classic and contemporary homes, but perhaps the most distinctive feature of either of these kinds of properties is their beautiful landscaping. Just a short drive from Palo Alto’s downtown area, the tree-lined streets of Duveneck/St. Francis provide a strong sense of community.


When you’re looking for sheer luxury, though, the best Palo Alto real estate agents will all direct you to Old Palo Alto, a neighborhood that — as the name implies — proudly features some of the oldest and largest homes in the area. The average size for Old Palo Alto homes is 9,000 square feet. 


More desirable Palo Alto neighborhoods include the following:


– Crescent Park

– Professorville

– Southgate

– Community Center

– University South

– University North

– College Terrace

– Evergreen Park

– Green Gables

– South Palo Alto

– Greenmeadow


If you’re interested in homes in any of these communities, Rebecca Olson White will certainly help you find the ideal home that fits your search.

Another common point of concern that buyers have for realtors in Palo Alto involves the quality of the area’s schools. According to U.S. News & World Report, the best Palo Alto elementary schools are as follows:


– Herbert Hoover Elementary

– Walter Hays Elementary

– Palo Verde Elementary

– Duveneck Elementary

– Henry M. Gunn High School

– Palo Alto High School

– Greendell High School


There are plenty of private schools in the area as well. Some top choices include Cathedral High School, St. Clement’s Parish School, and St. Patrick Cathedral School.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Rebecca was the easiest thing I’ve done this year. She crushed the negotiation for our new home. She completely understood what I was looking for and found it!”

End your search for a top Palo Alto real estate agent with Rebecca Olson White. Whether you’re buying or selling property, she’ll provide the comprehensive services you need to complete your real estate transaction with complete satisfaction. Contact Rebecca to schedule a consultation today.