Professorville, Palo Alto Real Estate Neighborhood Guide

In the late 1800s, professors at Stanford University were looking for an alternative to living on campus. Their solution was to develop the area that’s now known as Professorville. Each professor could build a house of their own and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. 


Approximately one century after the creation of Professorville, Palo Alto, CA, the state designated this area as a national historic district. This small geographic area is home to many historic landmarks that require preservation. Among the landmarks still standing is the famous Hewlett-Packard Garage in Silicon Valley.

Where Is Professorville?

When looking for Professorville, Palo Alto, CA, visitors should look east of the Stanford University campus. The neighborhood is just a couple of blocks on the other side of El Camino Real/Route 82. This small community encompasses Addison Avenue, Webster Street, Embarcadero Road, and Bryant Street. 


In addition to keeping residents close to the Stanford campus, Professorville provides fast and easy access to downtown Palo Alto. The center of town is just a couple of blocks away. Other nearby points of interest within walking distance include the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden and Heritage Park.


Why Choose Professorville?

When they initially developed the community in the late 19th century, the professors who wanted to live there drew inspiration from a variety of East Coast home styles. For that reason, you should expect to find a range of architectural styles, including American Craftsman, Queen Anne Victorian, and Colonial Revival houses.


If you’re looking for a community that offers comfort, convenience, and a relaxing lifestyle, this is the neighborhood for you. The beautiful foliage and tree-lined streets keep nature close, giving Palo Alto residents an idyllic environment for their outdoor activities.


Schools in Professorville

When looking for good schools in Professorville, Palo Alto, CA, families will find some of the best options in California. For younger children, the Walter Hays and Addison elementary schools are popular choices. This is due to the high quality of education, lower student-to-teacher ratios, and wide range of extracurricular activities. 


Palo Alto High School is also highly regarded throughout San Francisco. It is considered to be a top-rated choice for families with teens. The school offers a traditional high school environment with grades 9-12. It stands out for educational performance and college readiness programs.


If you have daughters, another highly rated high school option is Castilleja School. This is an all-girl private high school on the southernmost side of Professorville. It offers modest class sizes, good educational performance, and a wide range of educational and extracurricular options for its students.


Buying or Selling a Home in Professorville

There is a limited inventory of homes in Professorville due to the community’s smaller size. This creates a more competitive market for both buyers and sellers, requiring the expertise of a local real estate agent. As someone who was born and raised in the area, Rebecca Olson White has the familiarity you want in an agent when you’re handling Professorville real estate.


As someone who lives and works in the area, Rebecca keeps in touch with buyers and sellers to gain insight into changes in the market. Buyers find homes faster when taking advantage of Rebecca’s knowledge, helping them keep an advantage over other buyers. Sellers benefit from accessing her network of contacts when they want to sell their homes quickly.


Rely on her straightforward approach to help you navigate the complexities of handling Palo Alto real estate.


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