Southgate, Palo Alto Real Estate Neighborhood Guide

Southgate was initially an estate owned by the Stanford family. In the early 1920s, individual buyers bought subdivisions of the land. At that time, the area earned its Southgate name due to its location south of Stanford University. 


Glenn “Pop” Warner, a Stanford football coach during the 1920s and 1930s, designed and constructed many properties in this neighborhood. Since then, the addition of various styles of homes has added to the unique character of this historic, family-friendly community. 

Where is Southgate?

When looking for Southgate, Palo Alto visitors and residents might find this community difficult to locate. That’s because it’s a small community that has very few through-streets. It’s enclosed by Churchill Avenue, Alma Street, Park Boulevard, and El Camino Real. 


If you have trouble finding Southgate solely by looking for the interconnecting streets, you can also look for points of interest. Directly across El Camino Real, you’ll find Stanford University. Peers Park, a family-friendly outdoor space, sits on the neighborhood’s corner where Castilleja Avenue and Park Boulevard intersect.

Why Choose Southgate?

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, you might not consider buying a home in Southgate. Palo Alto locals may recommend this community or take an interest in living there for themselves. As an older community, Southgate offers a traditional, family-friendly environment that’s unique in Palo Alto


Although it’s primarily a residential community, Southgate also has public libraries, schools, and a few businesses. These commercial features help add to the convenience of living in the area.


Schools in Southgate

If you have children, plenty of schools in the Palo Alto Unified School District offer good educational experiences. For young children, Escondido and Walter Hays elementary schools provide excellent teacher-to-student ratios and rank highly in educational performance. 


Jordan Middle School is an excellent choice when it’s time for your children to move out of elementary school grades. It offers grades 6-8, and it also ranks above average for educational performance. 


Palo Alto High School, the city’s highest-ranking high school, is just a few blocks away from Southgate. This places the school within walking distance for teens attending grades 9-12. In addition to offering excellent academic performance, Palo Alto High School has programs that help prepare teens for college.


Buying or Selling a Home in Southgate

When you want to buy a home in Southgate, Palo Alto real estate agents can make that process easier. Although there’s a wide range of home styles in this community, they all offer California laid-back elegance. There’s also the idyllic Palo Alto ambiance in this community to add to its allure.


The intimate boundaries of the neighborhood, combined with high property values, result in a highly competitive real estate market. While this type of market creates an ideal environment for making lucrative real estate investments, it also creates a need for prompt action. Rebecca Olson White is familiar with Palo Alto real estate and has the drive to help you move quickly in this fast-paced market. 


Her understanding of the area and her skills as an experienced agent will help you make the best possible real estate decisions. She can help you navigate the complex real estate market whether you’re buying or selling Southgate real estate.


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Nearby Neighborhoods

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